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Nothing adds to the ambience and aesthetic quality of a building or residence like a bronze fountain! At Bronze West Imports, we’ve been providing assistance and helping our customers meet their unique fountain installation requirements since 2003. Among the important things you should consider in your fountain purchase are:

Type of Fountain: Although there are many unique fountain designs at Bronze West Imports, they all fall into one of three categories:

Classic Spillover Basin Required Fountains of this type are designed in the classic “tiered” configuration with water spraying up and out through a center tube and one or multiple bowls catching and spilling the water over the sides. Several designs at Bronze West Import also include secondary “accent” sprayers with water coming out of birds and other ornamental designs to give a spectacular effect.
Custom-design Basin May be Required The many custom-designed fountains we carry require an external water source, but may not require the installation of a basin. Fountains of this type can be plumbed using pool water, sprinklers, brooks and streams or any location where the spray from the fountain can be drained or routed back to the source. Popular types of these include dolphins and mermaids that are plumbed to spray water back into pools.
Recirculating No Basin required Recirculating fountains are the least costly to install because they do not require a basin or secondary water source. The water used to operate these fountains comes directly from a water source that is part of the design of the fountain. Examples include extra deep bowls, built-in basins, water buckets or other design features that permit water to be collected and re-pumped. All of our recirculating design fountains are noted for your convenience.

Placement: The design of the particular fountain you’re considering needs to fulfill the placement requirements of your project. As an example, if you don’t have a convenient external water source, a recirculating design will meet your needs. The choices are endless. Always bear in mind that to get the best effect, the size of the fountain should be scaled to and proportional to the surroundings it’s being placed in. A fountain that’s too large or small for the surroundings it’s being placed in will not deliver the best aesthetic results.

Installation Requirements: Electrical, contracting and plumbing requirements will vary depending upon your installation project. In the case of spillover fountains, leave at least 18” all the way around between the end of the bowl and the perimeter of the basin for the return of the water. Be sure you do a test installation to ensure that you’ve made provisions for the necessary installation items and have clearance and access to them should you need to perform maintenance after the unit is installed. Once installed, check for leaks; in the event there are minor leaks attributable to the casting process (not uncommon), they can be sealed through the application of one of the many over-the-counter paint or aerosol water sealing products available at any hardware outlet.

Water Quality: Hard water locations will cause water scaling and build-up. Pre-filters, and, if necessary, a water treating system will be necessary to ensure that a clean, clear, non-ionic water source is provided to your fountain.

Pump and Hardware Selection: We recommend the following link for information and availability of fountain pumps and other fountain accessories that will meet your installation requirements; e.g., lights, spray nozzles, etc.: http://www.fountainmountain.com/

Landscaping & Other Elements: Because fountain installation projects are typically unique in nature, we always recommend that you use landscape design service that is experienced in the particular type of fountain installation project you plan to undertake.