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Installation Guidance

Most bronze sculpture is purchased on the Internet on a "one-time-only" basis, and generally installed based on unique circumstances, placement locations and requirements for each customer. Because each installation is unique in nature, the team at Bronze West Imports strongly recommends that skilled professionals in the landscape architecture and/or home design professions assist your outdoor sculpture installation project. Additionally, we very strongly recommended and urge that sculpture used for any of the following purposes be safely and permanently secured to prevent theft or accidental tipping over, which could cause serious injury:

  • Sculpture intended to be placed in public areas.
  • Sculpture that is upright or not inherently stable; i.e., does not have a very low center of gravity. This particularly includes large, heavy, and upright pieces, which include many wildlife and animal designs; e.g., horses, giraffes, etc.
  • Sculpture designs that are inherently an “attractive nuisance” to children wishing to jump on or attempt to play on them; e.g., horses, animals, fountains, etc.

We provide ongoing support and guidance to our customers and their installation teams by offering our years of expertise to ensure that you and your installation teams have the information and knowledge required to properly install and secure your sculpture. The principal factors to consider in any installation project are these: 

  • Choose an installation professional with the right skill and expertise in bronze sculpture and statuary installations. Prior experience is a key consideration in the selection of an installation professional that will deliver a good result for you.
  • Be certain the right tools, equipment and moving vehicles are on-site to move your sculpture to the installation location - very important for large sculptures!
  • Decide how to place and secure your sculpture before you start and have the installation site ready before moving your sculpture. Main types of installations:
      • Free-standing with no special site preparation
      • Free-standing with recessed gravel bedding to prevent moisture build-up under your sculpture (recommended)
      • Permanent placement via cement, wood, stone or other mounting materials (recommended)
  • Move the sculpture to the installation location in the original crate, and unpack it at the installation location, not beforehandThis will prevent your sculpture from being accidentally mishandled and damaged by careless movement to the installation location (we have examples of this occurring by unqualified installation teams, causing major damage to their sculptures). 
  • For fountain installations:
      • If possible, test the operation of the fountain before installation to be sure you won’t require special valves or restrictors to ensure the water is flowing properly according to your installation requirements. It is much more difficult to install these once the fountain is in place.
      • Be sure you have the proper water filtration system. In addition to dirt and sediment, bronze sculptures should be operated using a non-ionic water treatment or filtration system. This will prevent mineral build-up and deposits on your sculpture that results from normal evaporation. This is particularly essential in regions with “hard” water.
      • If you believe your installation team lacks knowledge in this area, contact us so that we can provide the guidance they need (note: a lot of our customers take this option)
  • Once the sculpture is at the installation site, be sure your team has the tools and equipment to complete your installation properly via any one of these methods:
      • Bolt-down the sculpture’s base to a permanent base; e.g., cement, wood, stone, etc.
      • Permanently secure via commercial grade epoxies (works best for animals and other sculptures that are not designed with a base)
      • Using clamps or other devices to secure your sculpture (generally used when other methods cannot be employed).
      • IMPORTANT NOTE: We do not recommend welding rods, plates or anything metal to the sculpture – the heat from welding will remove the patina and mar the finish of your sculpture.    

For more information, or if you have any other questions or need additional guidance or support for your installation, please feel free to contact us below. We're here to help.

The Bronze West Imports Team

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